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3D Vehicle Geometry and Four Wheel Alignment

Due to our continual investment in the latest technology we have purchased the latest in 3D Geometry Setup and four wheel alignment. We are able to carry out anything from basic front wheel alignment to full geometry setups and four wheel alignments here at MasterTech Automotive in Ashford, Kent.

Should you have a full track day setup, road going Porsche or a standard Ford Focus we will be able to match the service to your needs, including weighting the vehicle down to manufactures required specification. We are also able to offer custom setups to your requirements or full manufacture (OEM) specification.

Here at MasterTech Automotive in Ashford, Kent - our speciality vehicles such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, AMG, Performance and Prestige Vehicles generally have the full range of adjustments available such as caster (selected), camber, toe, bump etc. We are able to carry out all such adjustments including ride height adjustment and modified vehicles.

If your vehicle does not come from the factory with certain adjustments available to them - for example caster, often we are able to source and fit upgraded components to allows these adjustments to be carried out. After which we can offer a full 3D Alignment and Geometry setup bespoke for your vehicle.

Correct vehicle geometry will reduce tyre wear, reduce emissions, offer greater road holding ability and stability with less tyre scrub. We use the latest 3D Digital Imaging equipment which is able to accurately map a 3D image, both before and after with real time live adjustments on screen should you wish to wait while we do it!

Modified Vehicles or Special Requirements

If you have a modified vehicle we are happy to carry out your 3D Geometry Setup and Four Wheel Alignment to your exact specifications, as we understand not all vehicles have the same requirements and we are happy to discuss these with you and advise where possible. Pricing for such work can vary as it is not always clear how many adjustments may be required.

Bespoke Track Day Setup
Bespoke Track Day Setup