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Servicing & Repairs

MasterTech Automotive offer a full range of garage services on all makes and models, whether your vehicle requires servicing, or has suffered damage and needs repairing. We carry out first-fix diagnostics. We specialise in working with German vehicles and common rail diesel, where our expert knowledge is vital to ensuring work is carried out accurately. We offer a full range of garage services, and below are just a few examples. If you require a service not listed below, just get in touch and we'll give you free advice and can book you in for an appointment.

Our mechanical labour rates are just £50 per hour + VAT. We offer some of the lowest labour rates and the highest quality in the Ashford & Kent area. Unlike many garages we do not raise our prices regardless of whether we are offering our specialism by working on Porsches, BMW's and German Vehicles or working on your family ford! All repairs are carried out to manufacturers recommended times and the quality level, which we aim to surpass, and we use the latest tools and technical literature. Surcharges may be levied on the first hours charge, only if the repairs are carried out on a mobile basis and dependant on location (Excessive Travel).

Diagnostic Sessions are £45 + VAT per hour. However our diagnostic sessions are more than just a "code read" carried out by many. We guarantee diagnostics and fault finding of the highest quality and don't give you an unsure answer of "It could be this... or that...". Value for money and customer satisfaction are our priorities. Our in depth and often bespoke test plans are the most accurate way of diagnosing even the most difficult faults. Picoscopes, Smoke Testing, First-Look Sensors, Test/Sensor Simulators, Live data analysis, Vacuum testing, Decay testing and simulation are just a few examples of how we can find even the most difficult of faults.

We cater for all ECUs, all makes and models - with many being covered with main dealer software. Coding, keys, body control module, ECU programming will be price on application.

Services Overview

Mechanical Repairs, Servicing & Main Dealership Servicing

From general mechanical repairs to cylinder head work, head gaskets, cambelts and most major repairs.

Our servicing is carried out to main dealer specification, often better! We do not use “generic” service sheets therefore all service pricing is quoted on an individual basis.

Mechanical Repair Ashford
Mechanical Repair Ashford

Common Rail Diesel Repairs

With complicated systems than run upwards of 1000 bar, piezo crystal injectors and multiple phase injection, these finely tuned systems are often difficult to diagnose and repair, resulting in expensive “specialist” bills.

MasterTech Automotive have extensive experience working on these systems at a far more cost effective manner due to low overheads.

Advanced Diagnostics - ECU, ABS, ESP, DSC

We specialise in finding hard to find faults which are often above the technical ability of many "specialist" garages, but we can find and repair these faults using our specialist equipment and advanced diagnostics tools, interrogating live data and intricate analysis of wiring diagrams, modules and vehicle CAN/VAN networks are some examples.

Fault Finding sessions can, in rare situations, take several hours. If it becomes apparent further hours are required to find your fault these are charged at our standard rate of £45 per hour. Other examples can be the often misunderstood and complicated common rail diesel systems - these CAN be successfully diagnosed with a thorough understand of the operating parameters of these systems and use of specialist tools such as oscilloscopes, false actuators, mechanical pressure testers etc.

Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced Diagnostics

Coolant Leak Repair

Got a coolant-leak but can not find it?

We can carry out an ultra-violet coolant leak test, as long as the coolant is leaking somewhere we will be able to find it under UV light. For this service we charge a fee of £40 + Dye and will track coolant loss in 98% of cases without a full strip down.

Coolant Leak Repair
Coolant Leak Repair

Automotive Electrical Problems

Got a niggly, annoying electrical problem often causing intermittent and hard to trace faults? We can track down the root of the electrical problem using our diagnostics tools to test your ECU and find the exact root of the problem.

Electrical Repair
Electrical Repair


Cambelts are an important and integral service schedule. With most modern engines being "interference" designs, a failed Cambelt or Associated components will lead to expensive repair bills if not replaced on time.

MasterTech Automotive recommend replacing your Cambelt and Associated Components, on or before the strict manufacturers time.

OEM Specification Cambelt Replacements include OEM specification parts.
Please call for your bespoke quote. Water-Pumps at an additional cost.

Cambelt Change
Cambelt Change