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Our customers reviews and the service we provided

We are proud of the work we carry out and always provide a high quality service. We always try to go the extra mile at MasterTech Automotive, and believe our customers trust us and see the hard work we do. You can read our customers reviews below, which have been independently verified on We always like to give our customers a detailed analysis of the service carried out, and as such can provide our own insight to the customer's testimonial.

MasterTech Automotive reviews from customers on


Brendan, BMW M5 V10 E90

This V10 M5 had exhibited strange misfire problems from cold which effectively caused "cylinder cut". This had been looked at by a BMW Master Technician and incorrectly diagnosed as MAF sensor fault - inappropriate testing without hard facts. In fact upon inspection the fault had become apparent that components had been damaged in a front end collision which had been poorly repaired - these components were the cause of the misfire. One happy customer!


I contacted MasterTech after finding a web site on Google and liked the fact that they could work mobile. Ben initially came out for an hour to run diagnostics on my BMW M5 that I had recently purchased. The car threw up and engine malfunction error when cold and was shutting down 5 of the 10 cylinders and restricting power. I booked the car in with Ben after the initial 1 hours diagnostics for the work that was required. Ben got the car to pieces and fixed the issue. But whilst doing the work he told me that the car I just purchased had been involved in a crash that had been repaired badly. As I had only had the car a week or two I was able to reject the car for the dealer for a full refund. Thanks Ben.

Jon, Porsche Boxster 2.5 & Golf 2.0 SDI

Jon had purchased this car based on a specialist Porsche inspection which turned out to be less than thorough. The boxer engines in the boxsters require specialist attention and many of the common problems were present but had been missed, after being rectified - this German machine was purring once again.


I found Mastertech excellent and very Reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.I would not hesitate to use MasterTech again to look after my car and my girlfriends car. l have recommended Mastertech to friends who need a mechanic... Highly recommend A+++++

Nathan, VW Polo and Peugeot 206

Nathan had several issues with both his cars. His polo was overheating without the fan cutting in, he had been advised to replaced his fan switch (this is a common mistake). After testing the fan switch and fan confirming these components were in specification, attention turned to the real root cause - these have "plastic" thermostat housings, the thermostat applies pressure directly to the housing and after several years it eventually punches into the housing blocking its outlet. This outlet sends coolant to the radiator and across the fan switch. Replaced the housing and one happy customer!


Great guy, doesn't mind taking the time to explain exactly what the problem is. Fair priced upfront quote with no aftershock. Will definitely use again.

Tim, Fiat Stilo 1.2 16v

Tim had purchased the car only for the vehicle to overheat on the journey home, upon inspection a previous attempted head gasket repair was at fault - this had in turn damaged the cylinder head. Replaced as per specification!


Found MasterTech quick in resolving the head gasket problem, the head had warped and required either replacement or repair, I received a quote giving full breakdown of parts and costs including labour for both,once I made my choice the work was completed quickly and professionally, I will be using MasterTech again should/when the need arises.

Lee, Renault Megane 2005

​This customer had reported a non-start condition after changing his battery. He has had several several misdiagnoses from other outlets. Infact the final diagnosis was very simple; on many modern Renaults/Peugeots/Citroens (and other makes) battery disconnection/jump starts carry a very specific procedure, the reason being that modern multiplexed vehicles employ a CAN network or CANBUS system, these systems shut down at different times - normally after two minutes the majority of these have shut down, other minor systems can take up to 60 minutes, disconnection of a battery while any one of these are still "awake" will cause damage - this is what happened here. A corrupted BSI module from a car battery change had rendered this car immobile.


I called him out and he was here in 2hrs fast and effective service and well converse with electrical system . very reasonable price would recomend him to anyone many thanx lee

hstockman73, VW Sharan

​This customer had recently purchased this vehicle. Gradually it had started to run below par until it was completely undriveable. Now stranded in a local car park it required urgent attention. After a repair to a vacuum pipe to the fuel regulator, removal and de-carbonising the breather pipes and electronic throttle plate which were now  blocked and replacement MAF sensor which had erratic signals on an oscilloscope the car was now purring like a kitten. A Final calibration on VAS5052 (VW Main Dealer Software) and it was ready for the road!


This guy was amazing and got our car up and running within an hour. Collected the keys from our house and drove out to where the vehicle had broken down. Contacted us before purchasing any parts to get our authorisation and fixed the car straight away. Price was amazing and such a nice professional bloke too. Highly recommend this company to anyone and will certainly use him again even stored his number in my phone !!!! November 2012

Charly, 2008 Peugeot 107 (Toyota Engine)

​Charly had unfortunately had a water pump failure when driving the car, unaware of the fault she continued to drive, eventually pulling over when the car was overheating and kangerooing down the road.  Ultimately this resulted in a warped head and head gasket failure. Peugeot had quoted 14 hours for the job as the Toyota sourced engine requires removal of the head/sump/timing chain + case/inlet and manifold and all ancilleries in a VERY tiny engine bay! Peugeot wanted over £1500 for the job. This was completed by myself all within a very reasonable quoted and one happy customer!


Very good and very helpful, would reconmend to anyone, price was amazing aswell. many thanks Charly

Jonathan, VW Golf

Very simple this one, customers gear linkage had failed. Simple repair and 20 minutes later one happy customer!


We lost the ability to change gears on the way from Gloucestershire to Kent on Christmas Eve. Ben had the problem fixed in no time. Excellent service and a very reasonable rate

Wolfgange39, BMW 528 M SPORT

​This customer had been in and out of at least 3 garages, including BMW it'self!  The customer had poor running on cold starts and jumping idle + stalling. This fault is very common but widely unknown and wrongly diagnosed. These engine employ a variable valve timing system called VANOS. The seals in this system from factory are made from viton, eventually they wear out and allow oil to pass reducing pressure in the vanos system. Upon inspection it was obvious the car was failing it "vanos" test on cold starts causing the rough running and stalling. Ordinarily these seals can not be purchased separate and a vanos unit from BMW is £800. Through contacts I was able to purchased upgraded exact spec TEFLON seals. Removal and overhaul of the variable valve timing system showed significant play. After overhaul  all symptoms had disappeared - including greater mpg, power and no surging at 3000rpm!. After 3 failed attempts at diagnosis from 3 garages this certainly was one happy customer!


My car was suffering a severe cold idle issue and Ben diagnosed the fault within seconds. Other garages couldn't find the fault, and then he quoted the job at a excellent price that couldn't be beaten. And it was done in good enough time, considering the severity of the issue. Now the car drives a lot smoother and happier. 10/10